Posted on Sep 06, 2017

Lewisville Noon Rotary
Awards $2,500 to Delamarter

Delamarter receives LEF Grant for her Breakout of the Box project
On Thursday, August 31, 2017, Lewisville Noon Rotary was pleased to present Katie Delamarter, Central Elementary Library Media Specialist, with a $2,500 grant for her "Breaking out of the Box" project submission.

Read more about Katie's Grant Project:

Central Elementary is ready to BREAKOUT!  We are looking for an engaging, innovative way to challenge our students to take their critical thinking skills to the next level and Breakout EDU kits are the key to doing this.  Our principal and assistant principals, Library Media Specialist, teachers and staff members will utilize the Breakout boxes to immerse their staff and/or students in real-world applications of the skills they are learning in their classrooms.
Breakout EDU boxes help to develop 21st Century Skills using content embedded clues to solve.  They are used to enhance critical thinking, collaboration and creativity along with perseverance, problem solving and student engagement.  Breakout boxes come with a set of directional, numerical, alphabet and key locks.  Students are given clues based on subject matter that has either been discussed or is being introduced.  Students must answer clues correctly in order to receive the code to unlock the lock.   Breakout sessions can be used to review or introduce new subject content as an engaging formative assessment.  It can be used with any content area and any grade level.  You can do a class breakout session or group sessions.  Sessions will be developed to connect to higher-level questioning in a team environment to improve student's 21st Century skills and grit.  Each session can be modified to meet class diversity.

About LEF

Thanks in part to Lewisville Noon Rotary and many other civic-minded organizations, this year, the Lewisville ISD Education Foundation was able to award 56 teacher grants, totaling $90,170! To learn more about LEF and the work they do, visit the LEF website.