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Rotary Foundation Director Roger Paschal (in the red shirt, above) last week made a special appearance to join LNR Foundation Committee chair John Kazor in recognizing several members of the Lewisville Noon Rotary with certificates from the Paul Harris Society. The recipients were as follows:
Bill Lawrence (top left)
Eyad Salloum (top center)
Bill Collins (top right)
Karen Johns (bottom left)
Steve Cox (Paul Harris + 7; bottom center)
Steve Collins (Paul Harris + 8; bottom right)
Lewisville Noon’s participation in the Paul Harris Society helps ensure that both our club and global Rotary offices have the needed funding to support countless charitable initiatives. “We are the only charity I know about in the world where your members, as a club, can decide what projects you want to support with the money that comes back to you” in the form of Rotary Foundation grants, Paschal said. Thank you, Rotarians, for your generosity and servant's hearts!