L to R: LNR president Eyad Salloum, Lewisville Assistant Chief of Police Chris Clements, Chief of Police Kevin Deaver, Sgt. Corbin Edgington, and Carmen Quezeda.
Sergeant Corbin Edgington of the Lewisville Police Department last week received Lewisville Noon's Service Award, recognizing him as the hero of the month for November 2023. 
As part of the department's Patrol Operations Division, Sgt. Edgington supervises patrol shifts and also serves as the Lewisville PD's Field Training coordinator and Search and Seizure instructor. The Field Training coordinator's responsibilities include supervising all field training officers, creating schedules, managing reports, and supervising remedial training activities. In light of the current large number of recruits, Sgt. Edgington has had to be creative with scheduling and keeping new recruits busy when trainers are not available. His superiors noted that Sgt. Edgington has done an outstanding job balancing his many responsibilities, all of which require a great deal of technical and leadership skills. He is well respected among his peers, as well, and his knowledge of law, case law, and policy makes him the go-to resource in the department when questions arise about application and practice. 
Sgt. Edgington is committed to providing the city of Lewisville with exemplary service and truly leads by example. We are delighted to honor him for his service and blessed for all the great work our local police department does for our community.