Our speaker this past Wednesday was the City of Lewisville.  Directors Chris Lee (ITS), David Erb (Finance) and Gina Thompson (Strategic Services) shared with our group the progress made by the City on the Vision 2025 plan.  In 2025, the City of Lewisville turns 100 years old and embarked upon an effort a few years ago to seek citizen input to determine what that should look like.  The presentation today also sought to obtain input from members in that process.  There are a couple of ways that one can provide input.  Go the Touchpoint web location listed above or scan the UR code to go offer your input online.  Or, attend a public workshop on January 29, 2020 from 6-8:30 pm at the MCL Grand Theater, 100 N. Charles St., Lewisville to provide your input in a more personal setting.  Thank you, City of Lewisville, for giving us this important opportunity!