Chiropractor Dr. Michelle Martz shared her expertise from 30 years in the medical field as she spoke last week to her fellow Rotarians on the topic of brain health.
The number of people dealing with cognitive issues—from dementia to anxiety and insomnia—has increased exponentially over the past several decades, noted Dr. Martz. However, simple exercises, like playing a musical instrument or doing Sudoku puzzles, can help protect and strengthen cognitive functions. “A task like playing the piano works every single section of the brain at one time. It’s like a total brain workout,” Dr. Martz said.
The brain is like a computer, she explained, while bodily systems that transmit information from the brain are like software,. Sometimes, brain health issues stem from problems with the “software,” which could be hormones, nutritional imbalances, physical trauma, or other factors, Dr. Martz added. 
Detoxing fatty tissues in the body and supplementing vital nutrients, like B vitamins and essential fatty acids, can help the brain heal and build protective barriers to protect brain health for years to come. “It’s important to have a diverse diet with lots of greens to feed the brain what it needs,” Dr. Martz recommended. She also exhorted club members to cut out artificial sweeteners, like Aspartame, and avoid using pesticides in the garden, as these types of chemicals are harmful to brain health.
Taking prescription medications long-term likewise can cause toxins to build up in the body and be detrimental to the brain, Dr. Martz said. In addition, any kind of traumatic brain injury can cause physical damage to the cerebrum. Physical injuries include vaccine injury, as well as an event like a concussion, she noted. 
On a positive note, Dr. Martz said genetic factors, like Down’s Syndrome and Asperger’s, can be mitigated over time with early intervention. Similarly, talk therapy can help reduce incidences of anxiety, sadness, and depression at any stage of life without prescription interventions.
In closing, Dr. Martz recommended a magazine called Experience Life for reliable information on natural healing modalities. To learn more about brain health, nutritional supplementation, and other wellness advice, reach out to Dr. Michelle Martz at Trinity Wellness Center.