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Pharmacist Kelly Moline Shares Tips for Healthy Eating and Weight Management
Incoming club president Dennis Song hosted last week's featured speaker, Kelly Moline, PharmD.
Speaker Kelly Moline, PharmD from Community Pharmacy in Denton shared words of wisdom about nutrition and weight management, as several club members tried to hide the piece of rich chocolate cake they had brought to their table from the buffet lunch.
Our bodies actually are designed to gain weight, Dr. Moline explained, but the key to staying healthy is to eat the right foods in the right quantities to function well. “Our North American diet doesn't make that easy,” she said, because of our high consumption of sugar, carbs, and processed foods.
Our bodies like sugar, of course, because it gives a quick burst of energy. But when you eat foods that convert to glucose, the body produces excess insulin to keep your blood sugar in check, and begins to store more fat as a result. She recommends following a modified keto diet, like the Ideal Protein plan, to break the body’s reliance on sugar and achieve a healthy weight. The diet focuses on getting carbs from fruits and vegetables instead of grains, while also incorporating adequate protein and healthy fats. This combination gives the body the fuel it needs, without creating blood sugar spikes or triggering inflammation. 
“We are resetting the body to burn fat while keeping the muscles in tact,” and using supplements to ensure the body is getting the needed vitamins and minerals that may not be part of the menu, she said. The plan can be modified for weight loss, stabilization, and/or maintenance, depending on someone’s individual needs.
With the Ideal Protein plan, the weight loss phase focuses on optimizing weight reduction through natural ketosis, achieved by eating pre-made meals designed to burn fat and preserve muscle. The stabilization phase focuses on transitioning from prepared meals to introducing recipes made with fresh foods, and reintroducing carbs and healthy fats. By Phase 3, the maintenance stage, people log their foods, receive ongoing coaching support, and maintain a gratitude journal, while practicing healthy eating habits. In addition to achieving an optimal weight, many plan participants are able to go off medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes, she noted.
On average, women lose 2.5 pounds a week during the weight loss phase of the plan, and men lose 3.5 pounds a week. They also experience increased energy, better physical mobility, and an enhanced mood, Dr. Moline said. For more information about the Ideal Protein plan, visit Community Pharmacy in Flower Mound, or email
Did You Miss a Meeting?
If you want credit for a make-up, contact LNR Membership chair Terry Russell to let him know when and where you attended another Rotary club meeting, or the date and service activity that you participated in to count as a make up. You have two weeks before and two weeks after a missed meeting to make up for your absence. Make-ups are a great way to meet Rotarians from other clubs and become more engaged with the outreach activities we do in the local community!
We are praising God that club member Rich Muller and his wife Barbie have recovered completely from their recent bout with COVID. We are also grateful that Patrick, the son of former LNR member John Blair, is cancer free despite losing one of his kidneys to the disease.
Please pray for Sheila Collins' father, who fell and broke his arm. Please pray that he receives exceptional medical care and makes a swift recovery.

For any other prayer requests, please send to Audrey Stansbury at
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