LNR Co-Sponsors Craft Fair Benefiting CISNT

Mark your calendars for the 2023 Health Fair & Craft Show this Saturday from 9am-3pm, cosponsored by Lewisville Noon Rotary & Community Pharmacy, in support of the Communities In Schools of North Texas food pantry program, which serves students at at eight Lewisville ISD campuses.
This indoor/outdoor FREE family friendly event includes a firetruck & ambulance tour, a wide array of craft vendors, face painting 🎨 and kids activities, food trucks & other fun things.🍧 Plus you can get glucose screenings, blood pressure checks and more!
They’ll also have special give-a-ways throughout the day that you won't want to miss.🎁  Hope to see you there! 🍃🍁🤩
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A Place of Refuge for Grieving Widows

Natalie Reid-Knutson and Kjell Knutson of Broken Halos Haven pose with LNR club president Dennis Song.
Guest speaker Natalie Reid-Knutson made a repeat appearance at the Lewisville Noon meeting with an update on what's been happening with Broken Halos Haven since she started the nonprofit organization last year.
The charity was born out of tragedy after Reid-Knutson lost her husband, Wayne, to a sudden heart attack in August 2018. A new widow and single mother of three boys, she took the children to New York City for their first Christmas without their father, in hopes of providing a distraction from their shared grief and begin making new memories. The trip gave her the idea to create a space where widows could get away for a few days to unplug and be pampered, and where they could bring their children or a close friend to enjoy fun activities.
The year after her husband's death, Reid met and married Kjell Knutson and shared her vision for the nonprofit. The day after their wedding, the couple came across a 100-year-old house in Old Town Lewisville  and saw the potential to create the haven they now envisioned together. “How many times in our lives do we have ideas and dreams…but we don’t pursue them?” she asked the audience, rhetorically. The newlyweds purchased the property and rallied volunteers. Together, they put in hundreds of hours to repair and renovate the house, which features historic elements, like the original hardwood floors, combined with modern amenities.
The fully restored 1920s farmhouse now serves as a space to bless grieving families with a stress-free, no cost getaway, as well as empower widows who are parenting alone and help them understand it's okay to find joy again. “You only have this moment,” said Reid-Knutson. “You’re not promised tomorrow.” 
Broken Halos Haven received its official nonprofit designation in May 2022, noted Kjell Knutson, joining his bride at the podium. In addition, the couple bought a second house in Old Town Lewisville on Walters Street to further expand their organization’s reach. Whereas the first house was set aside as “a dwelling place for God,” Knutson said, the second house is intended to be a place of ministry for the 250+ widows and their children who already are connected to the charity.
With the new space, Broken Halos Haven will be kicking off MAN CAMP, where men volunteer to mentor boys who lost their father and teach them the kind of life skills they would have learned from their dad. “There’s a part of being a man that the widows feel completely inept to fill,” Knutson said. He added, “The new house will serve as the host site for MAN CAMP and being able to pour into these young men in different ways.”
The couple also is launching a play-based grief support group for kids and teens, called SHIFT. Broken Halos Haven currently is looking for volunteers who have experienced loss to help serve at the weekly meetings, once the program begins in January 2023. To learn more about the nonprofit or get involved as a donor or volunteer, visit brokenhaloshaven.org.
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The Family that Brought TexMex to the Masses

From an early age, John Cuellar learned what it meant to achieve the American Dream. The grandson of Mexican immigrants Macario Cuellar and his wife, Adelaida, Cuellar joined the family business as a teenager, when he started working at El Chico #11, located at Six Flags Over Texas, in 1961.  Cuellar later earned his law degree from Harvard and served from 1973-1996 as General Counsel of Cuellar’s El Chico Restaurants, a brand that has become a household name in Texas and gained notoriety around the globe. 
Now retired and active as a member of several nonprofit boards, Cuellar shared the rich history of El Chico and the Cuellar family during his presentation to the Lewisville Noon Rotary on August 31st. His grandparents immigrated to Texas from Mexico in 1891, recounted Cuellar, and eventually settled in Kaufman around 1913, when Macario (a/k/a "Mack) landed a job at the Star Brand Ranch. The couple had 12 children, and their boys grew up picking cotton, until Grandma Adelaida's entrepreneurial venture opened up exciting new doors of opportunity.
In 1926, Adelaida decided to set up a vendor booth at the Kaufman County Fair to sell homemade tamales, enchiladas, and chili. Her recipes were a hit, Cuellar said, and she made more money in one weekend than her husband made all year with farming. Thus, the family business was born.
The couple opened Cuellar’s Cafe in downtown Kaufman in 1928, and the kids helped keep it running. But after the Depression, five of the boys--now fully grown--went their separate ways. Several opened restaurants in different parts of the country, but in 1940, four brothers--Mack, Alfred, Gilbert, and Willie Jack--came together again to open a new eatery in Dallas. It was the first El Chico restaurant, located on Oak Lawn near Lemmon Avenue. Frank Jr. later joined his four siblings in 1949, and the Cuellar brothers worked as a team to grow the El Chico enterprise swiftly.
The fifth El Chico opened in Inwood Village in 1949, and by 1955, they had eight locations. But the El Chico at Six Flags Over Texas, which opened in 1961, gained the most notoriety. It later became the most popular location in the restaurant chain, and it's where John Cuellar cut his teeth in the business.
The Cuellar brothers took the chain public in 1968, and El Chico later became the largest Hispanic-founded business in Dallas in the 20th Century, creating 4000 jobs and serving more than 16 million customers annually. El Chico also got to serve guests at the White House picnic under both Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, Cuellar recalled, during his presentation to the Rotary club. The family eventually “cashed out” of the El Chico enterprise in 2008, he said, but numerous family members have stayed involved in the restaurant industry.
In 2013, D Magazine recognized the Cuellar family’s Tejano Restaurant as one of the top 10 TexMex joints in Dallas, and in both 2014 and 2015, the magazine selected the family’s El Corazon restaurant as the best TexMex eatery in the Metroplex. Other restaurant brands with which members of the Cuellar family have been involved include Casa Rosa, El Ranchito, Ojeda’s, Mi Cocina, On the Border, and many more. Meanwhile, the El Chico brand has continued to expand worldwide. Although there are no longer an El Chico restaurants in Dallas, the brand has opened eateries across the U.S. and as far away as Dubai, Cuellar noted.
For a detailed timeline of the Cuellar family story and how they brought TexMex to the masses--including Princess Grace of Monaco--check out the historical narrative on the El Chico website. You can also read excellent accounts of the Cuellar family's amazing journey in this 2013 article from D Magazine and the more recent, shorter write-up in D Magazine from August 2022
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Help Take a Bite Out of Crime

Officer Rachel Roberts was joined by colleagues from the Lewisville PD and incoming club president Dennis Song following her presentation at last week's Rotary meeting.
Officer Rachel Roberts, Neighborhood Resource Officer with the Lewisville PD, last week gave a helpful presentation on Crime Prevention and improving the safety of our local community.
“There are crimes and there are opportunities for crimes,” noted Officer Roberts, explaining that citizens can help mitigate opportunities for bad actors to do bad things. Prevention involves anticipating a potential opportunity and taking proactive steps to reduce the risk, she said. For example, if you’re going on vacation, you can ask a neighbor to pick up your mail and keep an eye on your house, confirm all windows and doors are locked, and set timers to turn lights on and off, to make it appear that someone is home.
“If you have a tight-knit community and you’re the nosey neighbor, it deters crime in your area,” Officer Roberts noted. Knowing your neighbors, being aware of who comes and goes from your street, and using an online forum (like a private Facebook group or the Nextdoor app) to share information also can help you and your neighbors stay safe. “A little less privacy is good for crime prevention,” Officer Roberts said.
Other tips include keeping shrubs no taller than 3’ and tree limbs no lower than 7’, so burglars can’t hide; adding a fence around your yard; and securing your garage door. Although it’s best to have a solid wood or wrought iron front door, for those with a glass pane, the glass should be at least 40” away from locks. Deadbolts on doors should be longer than a 1” throw, and two door locks are better than one, added Officer Roberts. In addition, having lighting around the exterior of the home and porch lights that turn on automatically when someone approaches the front door are good deterrents.
Cars are another prime target for crime. The Lewisville Police Department received 748 reports of burglaries of a vehicle last year, and 307 reports of stolen vehicles. More often than not, the owner has left the vehicle unlocked and/or left valuables in plain sight, making it an easier target for criminals. However, theft of catalytic converters also is on the rise in the area. To reduce the risk of having a catalytic converter stolen, you can have a garage etch the VIN number on the converter or have a guard installed underneath the vehicle, suggested Officer Roberts.
For more tips on how to prevent crime in our community, visit the Lewisville PD Crime Prevention and Safety Tips page on the City of Lewisville website.
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LNR Grant Funding Helps Denton County Kids

Click photo to open full-size image.
Donations Committee member and LNR past president Bill Lawrence presented checks to three more local non-profit organizations at last week's meeting. CASA of Denton County program director Cheri Frye said the grant monies will be used to purchase food and clothing for children with immediate needs who are served by the organization's volunteer court-appointed special advocates. Nesa Grider, CEO of Journey to Dream, noted that the charity will use funds from the Lewisville Noon Rotary club to pay for mattresses and comforters on new beds recently added to the teen homeless shelter, and Larry Robins, CEO and president of PediPlace, said the club's donation would be put to good use to continue providing primary pediatric care to children from low-income families in and around Lewisville.
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Gary Lewis Named Flower Mound Citizen of the Year

Congratulations to long-time Rotarian Gary Lewis for being named Citizen of the Year at the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce annual awards banquet last week. Gary was recognized for his service on the boards of several non-profit organizations and churches, and his continual commitment to the local community. He is pictured above with Lori Walker, President of the Flower Mound Chamber, and Chris Haverstick, Senior Vice President of Lending, Bank of the West. Click the image below to see the video presentation about Gary prior to his award announcement at the Chamber event.
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CISNT Offers a Helping Hand for Local Students

LNR club members who have helped shop for LISD food banks posed with staff members from CISNT, including Director of Grant Development Katie Clifford (front row in floral dress) and CEO Ann Wilson (second from right), who is also a Rotarian. Click on photo to open larger image.
Katie Clifford has always been passionate about serving youth. She found her niche during her senior year at Texas Women's University in 2017, when she landed an internship with Communities in Schools North Texas (CISNT). “I fell in love with the organization and hoped they would hire me after graduation,” Clifford said, during her presentation to the Lewisville Noon Rotary club last week. She got her wish, and currently works as the non-profit organization's Director of Grant Development, using her communication skills to write grant applications for the good of the local community.
CISNT operates in 53 schools across North Texas, including campuses within Lewisville ISD, to connect students in need with caring adults and community resources and help them overcome personal challenges and structural barriers. In North Texas, 45 percent of students are at risk of dropping out of school, and 52 percent are economically disadvantaged, Clifford explained. At Central Elementary in Lewisville, 80 percent of young learners are food insecure. CISNT puts site coordinators at schools across its partner school districts to provide all of these students with vital resources and support, setting them up for success in school and in life.
The non-profit served 6,150 Lewisville students directly last year, partnering with affiliates and organizations like the Lewisville Noon Rotary for many of the services it offers. The site coordinators are boots on the ground, said Clifford, and are responsible for coordinating volunteers and connecting students to the mentors, tutors, counselors, food support, and other resources they need. Among its many programs, CISNT oversees food pantries at six high school and middle school campuses in LISD, which were accessed nearly 8,300 times in 2020-2021 and served 1,970 students. Two more food pantries were added at Lewisville Elementary and Huffines Middle School for 2021-22, bringing the total number of those served to more than 8,000 students district-wide.
Ever dollar given to CISNT leads to $11.60 in economic benefit to the community, Clifford noted, as students have the support they need to succeed academically. The organization reports that 99 percent of 7th-12th graders stayed in school, 97 percent of case managed students were promoted, and 93 percent of eligible students graduated last school year. To learn about weekly and monthly volunteer opportunities with Communities in Schools North Texas, such as becoming an individual or group mentor or a reading buddy, visit CISNT.org/volunteer.
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Lewisville Noon Blood Drive Next Month

Lewisville Noon Rotary will be holding a blood drive at the Flower Mound YMCA on Wednesday, March 30th, from 9:00am - 3:00pm. An email announcement with a link to sign up will be sent to all club members soon. You can also visit the Red Cross Blood Drive website and enter zip code 75028, then scroll to the event for March 30th to select an appointment time. Questions? Please contact Dr. Michelle Martz.
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End Covid-19 Now!

Denton County has an urgent need the week of Feb 7, 2021 for volunteers to help the county health department run the vaccination hubs at the Texas Motor Speedway this week and assure residents registered through the health department portal have the opportunity to be vaccinated quickly, efficiently and safely.
To communicate all that is planned with this effort, we have created a webpage to keep our members up-to-date and allow members, family and friends to schedule themselves to volunteer in this community wide effort.
This webpage has been updated for the week of Feb 7, 2021 to reflect schedule updates done by the Denton County Health Department. Please note, in addition to the 5 job descriptions listed, we have an area specific for those that are medical (LVN, RN, MD, NP, PA, etc…) to sign up to help medically at the POD. If they are filled you are able to still help us by signing up as a regular volunteer as well. 
Our 13 Rotary clubs "END COVID in Denton County" steering committee endeavors  to identify volunteer opportunities for all our members regardless of time and physical limitations. The webpage updates will reflect the these opportunities as they are defined. Contact your clubs END COVID representative with ideas and questions.
Sent on behalf of Denton County Judge Andy Eads, PDG Gerald Robinson, and the Denton County Rotary Clubs END COVID Steering Committee.
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It's Time for Flag Subscriptions!

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the national holiday celebrated on Monday, January 18, 2021, let's renew our efforts to reinvigorate our Patriot Flag Program.  It's the perfect week to get energized towards this effort as Dr. King and the US Flag both have freedom in common - freedom from oppression, inequality and slavery.  The new flag subscription forms are already live on the website and one can even sign up online.  If you know a business owner in Lewisville that you do business with, it's super easy to just as them to consider a subscription, all they can do is say, 'No'.  Let me know if you need help accessing the forms or need one printed for you and I will do all I can to help.
Yours in Service Above Self,
Russ Kerbow, Flag Chair
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Welcome New LNR, President Bill Lawrence! 

Lewisville Noon Rotary, 

Please join me in welcoming our newly appointed president, Bill Lawrence for the 2020-21 term!  We are excited to have you lead us into our new year!
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Our Club's Newest Paul Harris Fellows

Rotary Foundation Chair Steve Cox for the 2019-20 year closes us out by presenting certificates to our newest Paul Harris Fellows, Dr. Michelle Martz and Fred Busche.  Thank you both in joining the Foundation and we appreciate the contributes you've both made to Rotary International and the Lewisville Noon Rotary Club!!
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Board Zoom Meeting

Your board of directors have also been meeting using the Zoom application.  Here's a screenshot of our board going through the month's business.  Any Rotarian in our club can attend a board meeting and it counts as a makeup!
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Patriot Flag Program

Thanks to all our Patriot Flag subscribers for either renewing or adding flags this year.  Memorial Day marks the first of 5 holidays when the Lewisville Noon Rotary with a big help from the Boy Scouts post flags at businesses in Lewisville.  Rotarian James Lee recently snapped this photo with scouts putting out his flags this year.  Thanks for your support, James!
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Adopt a Spot 5-2-2020

With 'Stay at Home' restrictions eased on May 1, 2020, Lewisville Noon Rotary resumed its Adopt-a-Spot location on Garden Ridge Blvd. from FM 407 south to the railroad tracks.  Our organizer, Buddy Bonner, was out of town and called upon Rotarian James Kerbow to lead the charge this past Saturday.  Observing social distancing, as evidenced in the attached photo, they cleaned our spot!  A big 'thank you' to Rotatians John Kazor, James Kerbow, Sue Bowman, Matt Michel, and David and Bonnie Seaman for service above self!
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Coping with COVID-19 & Quarantine!

Here's a great video presentation from Dennis Song with Flower Mound Pharmacy from last week's Zoom Rotary meeting.
No doubt we are all a little strung out over the quarantine amidst the outbreak of the Corona virus or COVID-19.  The Center for Disease Control has many resources for those seeking additional information including tools for coping with the anxiety and stress these times provide.  The other "elephant in the room" is how do we deal with being home bound with our children while they are out of school and we are out of work?
Parade magazine has a great article on "125 Things Kids can do during the virus" that is very helpful for providing needed structure for children in a safe and enjoyable environment.  See this link for more information.  https://parade.com/1009774/stephanieosmanski/things-to-do-with-kids-during-coronavirus-quarantine/
For more information about the disease, its spread and control, go to www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/ for more.
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February 'Student of the Month'

Lewisville Rotary recognized the Student of the Month for February 2020, Sophia Lam.  Sophia is the daughter of Tien Lam and Le Ly.  Sophie began her scholastic career in Pre K at Lillie S. Jackson.  She next attended Degan Elementary, Huffines Middle School and Killough High prior to attending LHS.  She has been a member of the following clubs or organizations:
· Kindness Club
· Baking Club
· Mu Alpha Theta – Mathematics Honor Society
· Multicultural Club – has served as Secretary & currently Vice President
· Student Council
· Rotary’s Interact Club – has served as Community Service Officer & currently President
· National Honor Society
Outside of school Sophia volunteers at the Lewisville Public Library and Animal Shelter and is a Pharmacy Technician In-Training.  Her academic achievements are staggering.  They include: AP Classes: Human Geography, Biology, English Language, Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, Government and Politics, US & World History, Macroeconomics, and Calculus AB & BC. 
Sophia is in the top 10% of her graduating class but more specifically is ranked #3 currently out of her class of 1,154 graduating seniors.  Her college scholarship offers so far include the University of Oklahoma: Award of Excellence @ $56,000 and the University of TX at Dallas: Academic Excellence - $64,000.  Sophia has not made a final decision yet but admits her choice is between the University of Texas for their campus and great programs that fit her choice of major as her first choice and the second choice is the University of TX at Dallas. Sophia plans to major in Biochemistry Future and said this about her future plans: “After taking many of the healthcare courses offered at the career center, I know that I want to pursue a career in the healthcare field and the role of Physician Assistant seems to interest me more than any other career.”
Lewisville Noon Rotary is pleased to congratulate Sophia Lam as its ‘Student of the Month’ for February 2020.
Pictured from left to right above: Dr. Buddy Bonner, Asst. Superintendent LISD; Sophia Lam, February 'Student of the Month'; and Lanelle Lindsey, Asst. Principal at LHS.
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4-Way Speech Contest

Our program last week was the annual 4-Way Speech Contest.  As usual, LHS provides speakers to come forth to compete in the 4-Way Speech contest.  Following are the rules for our annual contest: 
  1. Contestants must be students from the 9th through 12th grade (public, private or home school)
  1. The subject of “What the 4-Way Test Means to Me” should be closely followed.  Material must be original in content and be about applying the Rotary Four-Way Test to an important issue in our everyday relationships with other people.  Contestants should write a speech with facts, statistics, stories, examples, and quotations.  Contestants may add some humor and personal touches, but do not mention their names, schools or cities or the locations of their sponsoring Rotary Clubs. 
  2. Written Scripts are not allowed; 3 x 5 cards may be used;
  1. No props of any kind will be allowed.
  1. A Five-minute time limit for each speech is strictly enforced.
  1. Speeches are judged on the following criteria: 
  • Content – Counts as 1/3 of total score
    • The speaker addressed the topic “What the 4-Way Test Means to Me”
  • Delivery – Counts as 1/3 of total score
    • Vocal delivery including rate, volume, pronunciation, and variety; effective eye contact and gestures
  • Organization – Counts as 1/3 of total score
    • Introduction of subject, main points, and conclusions
Of the things we think, say or do:
Is it the TRUTH?
Is it FAIR to all concerned?
Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Winners receive cash scholarships from our club and we had another year of great participants.  Lewisville Noon Rotary is proud to announce the following winners: 

Brianna Guerra - 1st Place, ($250)

Johnathan Vasquez - 2nd Place, ($200)

Mia Herrera - 3rd Place, ($100)

and Alexa Vargas - 4th Place ($50)

A special thanks to Rotarian and Assistant Superintendent for LISD Dr. Buddy Bonner and our contest judges Steve Cox, James Kerbow, Russ Kerbow, and timekeeper Alex Buck. 

First place winners are then eligible to participate in a Regional speech contest to compete for additional scholarships.  The regional event is sponsored by Rotary District 5790 and the regionals will be held in Lewisville on Saturday, April 18, 2020 beginning at 11:30 am.  Lewisville Noon is proud to help sponsor this event to be held at the Lewisville Government Center, 400 N. Valley Parway, Lewisville in the Community Room on the first floor.  The public is invited to attend.

Pictured above left to right are Brianna Guerra, Johnathan Vasquez, Mia Herrera, Alexa Vargas and Mr. Buddy Bonner, LISD Asst. Superintendent.

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Speaker 2-12-2020

Last week's speaker was Shannon Jennings with the Red Cross.  She informed the club on details associated with giving blood.  Red Cross is a non-profit organization and is always in need of blood donor's.  Our club will be working with the other area clubs to coordinate donations in the near future.  For more information, go to www.redcross.org
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Speaker 2-5-2020

Our speaker this past Wednesday was Patrick Cannon brought to us by member Bill Lawrence.  Patrick is a life-long aviator and brought us a very informative program about hot air balloons.  Patrick has been involved with the Balloon Festival previously sponsored by the Highland Village Lions Club and the City of Highland Village.  His talk included the possibility of our club becoming a sponsor in order to keep hot air balloons an integral part of the Highland Village/Lewisville area.
Pictured from left to right: Bill Lawrence, Presidet-elect; Patrick Cannon; and John Kazor, LNR President
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Rotary Reads - Thursday Edition

Members of our club attended the 'Rotary Reads' effort at Parkway Elementary this past Thursday, February 20, 2020.  'Rotary Reads' is a joint effort between Communities in Schools, LISD, and Lewisville Noon Rotary to read to 1st graders once a month this year.  Reading is the foundation for learning and so the seeds planted with this effort will influence our society for years to come.
Pictured above from left to right are James Kerbow, David Seaman, and Keith Bradley.
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Speaker 1-22-2020

Our speaker this past Wednesday was the City of Lewisville.  Directors Chris Lee (ITS), David Erb (Finance) and Gina Thompson (Strategic Services) shared with our group the progress made by the City on the Vision 2025 plan.  In 2025, the City of Lewisville turns 100 years old and embarked upon an effort a few years ago to seek citizen input to determine what that should look like.  The presentation today also sought to obtain input from members in that process.  There are a couple of ways that one can provide input.  Go the Touchpoint web location listed above or scan the UR code to go offer your input online.  Or, attend a public workshop on January 29, 2020 from 6-8:30 pm at the MCL Grand Theater, 100 N. Charles St., Lewisville to provide your input in a more personal setting.  Thank you, City of Lewisville, for giving us this important opportunity!
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January 'Student of the Month'

Our January 'Student of the Month' is Ethan Volini.  He is the son of Brad & Catie Volini of Lewisville.  Ethan started Kindergarten at Degan Elementary then attended Huffines Middle.School and Killough High School prior to Lewisville High School.  He has been a member of Mu Alpha Theta – Mathematics Honor Society, National Honor Society (2 yrs.), LHS Band (4 yrs.) – *Currently Saxophone Section Captain*, and a member of the Wind Symphony & Jazz Band (Recently advanced to Phase II during Region auditions earning a spot in the All Region Band).
In extracurricular activity outside of school, Ethan was in Cub & Boy Scout for 8 years and attended Boys State this past summer.
Academically, Ethan has taken the following AP courses:  Human Geography, Biology, English Lang & Lit., Government & Politics, US & World History, Physics I & II, Macroeconomics, and Calculus AB & BC. Ethan is in the top 10% of his graduating class but more specifically is ranked as one of our top 5 students in a class of 1,154 seniors.
Ethan's college of choice is Texas A&M mainly since it is a school that prides itself on its rich traditions, similar to LHS and it's not terribly far from home.  Congratualations to Ethan for being our January Student of the Month!
(Pictured above from left to right are Catie, Ethan and Brad Violini and Dr. Jeffrey Kajs, LHS Principal)
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Vocational Award!

Our vocational award was presented to Jerry Mims, 4th grade teacher at Rockbrook Elementary, by principal Mr. Patrick Guy.  Mr. Mims is highly regarded by his students as a great teacher and mentor.  Pictured from left to right are Mr. Mims, Mr. Guy and Dr. Buddy Bonner, Asst. Superintendent.  Congratulations, Mr. Mims!
Vocational Award! 2020-01-20 06:00:00Z 0

Speaker 1-15-2020

Rotarian Rachel Bagley plays the assistant to our speaker, Sonu Varkey, on Wednesday, 1-15-2020.  Mr. Varkey is a talented motivational speaker who provided us with his story adversity and how he overcame it AND he is a very talented magician.  Thanks to member John Blair who provided the topic today!
Speaker 1-15-2020 2020-01-20 06:00:00Z 0
Christmas Party this Wednesday! 2019-12-16 06:00:00Z 0

Pantry Shopping, The Sequel

Once again, Lewisville Noon Rotary members took to the floor of Sam's Warehouse on Main St. in Lewisville to shop for pantries we support at LHS Harmon, LHS Killough, Delay Middle School, Durham Middle School and LHS - Main.  We shopped on Wednesday, Dec. 11 after our regular meeting.  Pantry shopping is made possible by a district grant allowing us to support this worthy cause to see that no kid in our Lewisville High School feeder pattern go hungry this year.  Thanks to our campus coordinators from CISNT who helped us do the shopping this month.  Great job everyone!
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Speaker 12-04-2019

Our weekly speaker at Rotary was Mr. Bill Lee, with LISD Marketing.  Mr. Lee explained that the district markets itself now as a hedge against students leaving the district to attend charter schools, private schools, home schooling and digital learning (online).  LISD has an aggressive plan to ensure parents are more informed on the programs provided to students and thus avoid loosing students to other educational institutions.  Thanks for the information, Bill!
Speaker 12-04-2019 2019-12-04 06:00:00Z 0

Rotary Donations!

Request for donations is now open from our non-profits to request grant funds from Rotary.  The form and our donations policy are located in the 'Home Page Downloads' section along the left hand side of the opening page of our website.
Rotary Donations! 2019-12-03 06:00:00Z 0

Student of the Month - November 2019

Lewisville Noon Rotary's November "Student of the Month" is Luke Halter.  Luke is the son of Tom & Martha Halter of Lewisville and he started Kindergarten at Parkway Elementary.  Luke attended Hedrick Middle School and Harmon prior to coming to the main LHS campus.
Luke has been a member of the following:
Art Club
Harmon Boat Regatta
Weight Lifting Club
FCA (currently President)
Unified Fit Club
Student Council (4 yrs.)
LHS Varsity Wrestling Team
a. 195 lb. weight class
b. 18-19 District Champion
c. currently #11 in the state
LHS Varsity Football Team
a. 3 yr. starter @ Linebacker(currently Captain)
b. member of Football Leadership Council
c. leading the team in tackles
In other activity, Luke is the head coach of the Girls Jr. Powder Puff Game(Jr.’s beat the Sr’s for the first time ever).
In his out of school activity, Luke attends Lakeland Baptist Church where he's participated in annual mission trips, volunteers with children's church and several community prayer and church invitation.
Luke is a 7 yr. member of the Flower Mound Lacrosse Association.
Academically, Luke attends AP Classes in Biology, Human Geography, US & World History, Government., Economics, Environmental Science, and English Language and composition.  He has passed all AP Tests with 4’s & 5’s and is currently ranked #6 in his graduating class of 1,154 students.  Luke has received the following scholarships:
Baylor - President’s Gold Scholarship-$84,000
Oklahoma University - Award of Excellence- $56,000
Oklahoma State University - Out of State Achievement Award-$52,000
Texas A&M - Eligible for Yearly Scholarship based on SAT Score

Luke has not decided on a college yet but when he does, it will be on one of the scholarships he has received.  Currently, the top 2 school choices are:
a. Baylor – Baylor fan his whole like & both parents attended
b. OU – cost, strong academically, lower faculty to student ratio

Football will be a big part of my college life and both schools have amazing teams.  He plans to major in Kinesiology w/minor in Business or Environmental Science.
As for the future, Luke might like to be a coach, a youth pastor or an orthopedic assistant. He stated recently, “I don’t know exactly what I want to do, but I know that in whatever I do, I need to work with & help people.”
Congratulations to a good kid like Luke Halter for being our Rotary "Student of the Month" for November 2019!
Pictured above from left to right:  Dr. Buddy Bonner, LISD Asst. Superintendent; Martha Halter; Luke Halter, SOTM; Tom Halter; and Dr. Jeffry Kajs, LHS Principal.
Student of the Month - November 2019 2019-11-18 06:00:00Z 0

Speaker 11-13-2019

Our speaker on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 was Katherine Sells, President of the LISD Board of Trustees.  Ms. Sells updated club members and visitors on school district activities to include the last bond program and several specialty programs in the District.  Ms. Sells was brought to us by member and County Commissioner, Pct. 3, Ms. Bobbie Mitchell.  Great program!
Pictured above left to right: John Kazor, LNR President; Ms. Katherine Sells, President of LISD Board of Trustees; and Ms. Bobbie Mitchell, LNR Member and County Commissioner for Pct. 3.
Speaker 11-13-2019 2019-11-18 06:00:00Z 0

Rotary Reads!

Our first "Rotary Reads" was a success.  We met on Tuesday, Nov. 12 from 11:50 to 12:40 at Parkway Elementary and read to 5 first graders each.  We had a great time reading about space and astronauts as the students recently studied about the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong.  Parkway was so inviting and the librarian had great books for us to read along with a couple activities we could do with the students.  Thanks to Angie Cox for bringing along some snacks for the kids.  Our club will read to students on the second Tuesday of the month and third Thursday of the month (Thursday reading doesn't begin until December.  If you still need to complete the video, background check or orientation, please complete that as soon as possible.  Pictured above from left to right is Russ Kerbow, Angie Cox, Art Locke and Ann Pape Wilson.
Rotary Reads! 2019-11-12 06:00:00Z 0

Paul Harris Society

President John Kazor recognized member Steve Cox during our meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 6 for reaching another level in his giving to the Paul Harris Foundation.  Congratulations, Steve, and thank you for your contribution!
Paul Harris Society 2019-11-11 06:00:00Z 0

Visiting Rotarian

President John Kazor presents our club banner to Patricia Costello, a visiting Rotarian from Birch Run, Michigan.  We are always happy to meet our fellow Rotarians from other clubs.  Thanks for your visit, Patricia!
Visiting Rotarian 2019-11-11 06:00:00Z 0

Rotary Foundation Dinner

Congratulations, Lewisville Noon Rotary!  Our club received recognition on Saturday, November 2, 2019 at the Hurst Conference Center.  President John Kazor represented us on stage and is bringing the goods back to our club this week.  Don't miss this week's meeting so you can hear all about it!
Rotary Foundation Dinner 2019-11-04 06:00:00Z 0

Speaker 10-30-2019

Our speaker last Wednesday was Lindsay Ayers with LISD.  Lindsay shared with us the progress of the Incubator program taking place at LHS.  In fact, our very own Alex Buck and Steve Cox were featured in the video she shared along with fellow Rotarian Jeff Kajs, LHS Principal.  To find out more about this exciting program, go to https://sites.google.com/staff.lisd.net/lhsbusinessincubator/home.
Speaker 10-30-2019 2019-11-04 06:00:00Z 0

Speaker 10-23-2019

Sue Bowman brought our speaker this past Wednesday, Mr. Cliff Boyd.  Mr. Boyd is a long-time friend of Sue's and spoke on the issue of Ageing.  Mr. Boyd is also a Rotarian from Duncanville and reminded us all to consider the decisions that will be needed as we age - Medicare choices, wills, medical powers of attorney, etc.  Also, he challenged us as Rotarians to consider a service project to help those in nursing homes and rehab centers to enjoy their time there while they still can.  Pictured above left to right is Cliff Boyd, Sue Bowman and John Kazor, LNR President.
Speaker 10-23-2019 2019-10-24 05:00:00Z 0

Pantry Shopping

So you think you've been grocery shopping before?  You should see the groceries that Lewisville Rotary helped provide to the Communities in Schools pantries on Wednesday, October 23.  Rotarians David Seaman, Angie Cox and Russ Kerbow met with CIS coordinators at the Sam's Club located on Main St. in Lewisville shortly after 1:00 pm to fulfill shopping lists created by each coordinator.  Once carts were full, we checked out (thanks to treasurer Eyad Salloum for bringing us his checkbook!) and loaded the goodies into two large cargo vans for delivery to 5 campus locations.  Our vans were generously provided by Sam Pack's Five-Star Ford in Lewisville (thank you Sue Bowman) and Huffines Dodge (thank you Fred Whitfield).  Thank you to both local businesses for your support!
This Rotary project is made possible by a grant from Rotary District 5790 allowing our club to provided necessary snacks and meals to needy children at Lewisville High - Main Campus, Lewisville High - Killough, Lewisville High - Harmon, Delay Middle School and Durham Middle School.  A big thank you to David Seaman for championing this cause and demonstrating "service above self".
Lewisville Rotary is part of Rotary International and is the largest service organization in the world with over 1.2 million members in over 200 countries and territories worldwide.  Interested in joining or learning more? Visit us at www.lewisvillenoonrotary.org for more.
Pantry Shopping 2019-10-24 05:00:00Z 0

October Student of the Month!


Our Student of the Month for October is Haley Dorr, daughter of Joan & Robert Dorr.  Haley started Kindergarten at Degan Elementary, attended Huffines Middle School and Killough prior to attending LHS.  She has been a member of:

  • Craft Club

  • Track & Field (Pole Vault/High Jump)

  • German Club

  • Delta Epsilon Phi (National German Honor Society – currently President)

  • Presidents Club

  • National Honor Society (3 yrs.)

  • Student Council (4 yrs.)

    Haley is the quarterback for Jr. Powder Puff Game (her team beat the Seniors) and she volunteered for the Polar Plunge raising money for Special Olympics.  Outside of school, Haley is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Karate (10 yrs.) and a 13 year member of the Girl Scouts.  She is working on her Gold Award (equivalent to Boy Scouts Eagle Award) – worked w/LLELA & constructed boardwalks for their trails) and she is a founding committee member of GAT (Girls Advisory Team – help service unit with planning & running events).

In academics, Haley attends AP Classes in Biology, Chemistry, World History & Environmental Science and is gaining dual credit in US History & College Algebra, Statistics & Fire Academy (2 yrs.).  Haley is in the top 10% of her graduating class and is currently ranked #10.  Haley plans to attend the University of North Texas for their interdisciplinary program where she can choose to dual or triple major & still graduate within 4 to 5 yrs.  She plans to major in criminal justice, history and minor in Archaeology.

When asked about the future, Haley wants to either become a police officer or a park ranger/game warden, a career she has wanted since 6th grade.

Congratulations to Haley Dorr as Lewisville Noon Rotary's Student of the Month for October.

Pictured above from left to right is Dr. Jeffrey Kajs, LHS Principal and Haley Dorr.


October Student of the Month! 2019-10-21 05:00:00Z 0
End Polio Now - Council Resolution 2019-10-15 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker - Leslie Thompson

Our speaker last week was none other than our very own, Leslie Thompson.  Leslie provided updates on the ministry in Israel that she is involved with.  Leslie is pictured above with John Kazor, LNR President.  Thanks for the information, Leslie!
Speaker - Leslie Thompson 2019-10-14 05:00:00Z 0

New Member Induction!

We said welcome to our newest member last week in Tim Mercer.  Tim is pictured here with his sponsor, Bill Collins, and John Kazor, LNR President.  Welcome aboard, Tim!
New Member Induction! 2019-10-14 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 10-02-2019

What a great speaker last week at Rotary in Jim Montgomery.  James Montgomery is an American former competition swimmer, four-time Olympic medalist, and former world record-holder. Montgomery was the first man to break the 50-second barrier (49.99) in the 100-meter freestyle,[1] at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, Quebec, where he won three gold medals and one bronze (Wikipedia).  Mr. Montgomery gave our club his perspective on the preparation their team underwent during the Olympic Games.  He is the founder and owner of a local swimming school and promotes adult fitness through swimming.  Pictured above is Bill Collins, LNR Member; Jim Montgomery; and John Kazor, LNR President.  (Photo by Eyad Salloum)
Speaker 10-02-2019 2019-10-07 05:00:00Z 0


Members of the Lewisville Noon Rotary and Lewisville Interact clubs were present this morning to pick-up trash along N. Garden Ridge Blvd. We collected enough trash to fill 5 (consolidated) garbage bags and spent about 45 minutes for this effort.  A big shout out and thank you to Mark Payne for championing this effort.  Service Above Self in action!
Adopt-a-Spot! 2019-10-07 05:00:00Z 0

End Polio Now - M.A.D. Radio Interview

Check out this video on M.A.D. Radio featuring John Kazor and John and Marilyn Pokorny about the End Polio Now campaign.  This precedes the Oct. 21 Lewisville City Council meeting where both clubs will receive a copy of a resolution from the mayor's office.
End Polio Now - M.A.D. Radio Interview 2019-10-03 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 9-25-2019

We had a great speaker last week at Rotary in Lance Sumpter, Director of the Texoma HIDTA, an acronym that stands for High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area, meaning they have cooperate on 3 levels to combat the drug problem in Texas by considering prevention, enforcement and rehabilitation.  Thanks to Audrey Stansbury for bringing this great speaker to our club (pictured above Audrey Stansbury and Lance Sumpter).
Speaker 9-25-2019 2019-10-01 05:00:00Z 0

Clambake a Success!

After many months and a number of rain-outs, we finally had the Rotary Clambake on Wednesday, Sept. 25.  Over the course of the night approximately 40-50 people came by and enjoyed the fun and fellowship.  Special thanks to Penny Glover and Stacey Miller for helping out in the kitchen and for all Rotarians and their families for attending.  May this is the beginning of an annual event?  If you think it should be, please reach out any of our board members to express your interest!
Clambake a Success! 2019-10-01 05:00:00Z 0

Exceptional Student of the Month

We had the chance to honor Lilliana from Lewisville High School! She was awarded Exceptional Student of the Month!! Shown with John Kazor, Buddy Bonner, her mom and her teacher.  Congratulations! 
Exceptional Student of the Month 2019-09-30 05:00:00Z 0

Student of the Month - Sept. 2019

We celebrated our first student of the month last Wednesday in the form of Kayla Rios.  Kayla is an amazing example of the student body at Lewisville High School and is graduating with honors this school year from LHS!  Pictured above is Dr. Jeff Kajs, LHS Principal and LNR member; Kayla Rios, and her father, Mr. Rios.  Congratulations for being selected as our amazing student of the month!
Student of the Month - Sept. 2019 2019-09-24 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 9-18-2019

Our guest speaker for 9-18-2019 is Marc Moffitt, Senior Analyst for the Denton Central Appraisal District, brought to us by member and former school board president Mr. Joe Irick.  Marc informed the club on the history of appraisal districts in Texas and the overall process used to appraise property and how taxing entities in Denton County use those appraisals to assess property taxes.  He also reminded us of key dates in the process should a property owner elect to protest their assessment.  Pictured above is John Kazor, LNR President; Marc Moffitt, Jr.; and Joe Irick.
Speaker 9-18-2019 2019-09-24 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 9-11-2019

Our speaker on 9-11-2019 was our very own Dennis Song.  Dennis and his wife, Kathy, own and operate a popular pharmacy in the area and have for several years.  Dennis always provides great information to our club and his insight helps keeps us all healthier! Thanks,  Dennis!  Pictured above left to right is Dennis Song, Kathy Song and John Kazor.
Speaker 9-11-2019 2019-09-24 05:00:00Z 0
Clambake - Sept. 25, 2019 2019-09-16 05:00:00Z 0

Adopt a Spot 9-7-2019

What a great turnout last Saturday for our monthly Adopt-a-Spot.  Our club adopted the median that runs along the north and southbound lanes of N. Garden Ridge Blvd. from FM 407 to the railroad tracks.  We remove any trash found along the way and deposit in the dumpster behind the CVS Pharmacy.  We had so many folks turn out that we ran out of the safety vests we normally wear.  A special thank you to all our Interact students from LHS that showed up. It certainly made the clean up got much faster for everyone and we could all get back to our Saturday activities.  Our Adopt-a-Spot is part of 'Keep Lewisville Beautiful' and our efforts to continue to keep Lewisville looking great everyday!  Please do your part and deposit your trash or recyclables in an appropriate receptacle!
Adopt a Spot 9-7-2019 2019-09-12 05:00:00Z 0

Special Abilities of North Texas - Ice Cream Social

Members of our club recently held an ice cream social for the attendees of the Special Abilities of North Texas in Lewisville on Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 1:30 pm.  We're not sure who enjoyed it more: club members or attendants!  A big Rotary THANK YOU to Blue Bell Ice Cream for providing the refreshments. Can you think of anything better on a hot, August afternoon?
Special Abilities of North Texas - Ice Cream Social 2019-08-26 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker - 08-21-2019

Can you hear me now?  Thanks to Art Locke for bringing us last week's program by Dr. Liberio on 'Dealing with Hearing Loss'.  We appreciate the frank discussion on causes and treatments available. Pictured above is President-elect, Bill Lawrence; Dr. Liberio; and Art Locke, member.
Speaker - 08-21-2019 2019-08-26 05:00:00Z 0

New Blue Badge!

Congratulations to Rick Tolhurst for receiving his blue badge at last Wednesday's meeting. Ric fits in very well with our club and is pictured above with our President-elect, Bill Lawrence!
New Blue Badge! 2019-08-26 05:00:00Z 0

Club Citation - 17th Vibrant Clubs Workshop

The photo was taken at the Saturday, August 17th Rotary Vibrant Clubs Workshop held in Aledo,Texas.  The citation flag was presented to District 5790 Rotary Clubs in recognition of their contributions to increasing awareness of Rotary work towards Polio Eradication.  Pictured above is LNR President John Kazor displaying the 'End Polio Now' banner as part of the presentation.  Well done, club!
Club Citation - 17th Vibrant Clubs Workshop 2019-08-26 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 7-31-2019

Bill Lawrence brought our program last week in the form of our own Denton County Judge Andy Eads.  Judge Eads and fellow Rotarian, provided us an update on items coming before the Commissioners Court and include such things as the upcoming budget and overall economic development.  Thank you Judge Eads for providing an enlightening program.  Pictured from left to right: Bill Lawrence, President-elect; Dawn Cobb, Community Relations Director; Judge Andy Eads, Denton County Judge; John Kazor, LNR President; and Shannon Joski, Director of Administration and Cross Timbers Rotarian.
Speaker 7-31-2019 2019-08-06 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 07-24-2019

Our speaker last week was once again, Dr. Michelle Martz.  Dr. Martz alerted members to the concerns of EMF (electromagnetic frequency) transmissions and their potential effect on the human body.  Thanks for the very informative topic, Dr. Martz!
Speaker 07-24-2019 2019-07-29 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 07-17-2019

Dr. Michelle Martz brought our speaker this past week in the form of the U.S. Secret Service.  Special Agents Ray Martinel and his partner discussed various methods of criminal activity that the Secret Service investigates including counterfeit currency and cyber-terrorism.  This presentation was quite enlightening and prompted several questions from the members.
Speaker 07-17-2019 2019-07-22 05:00:00Z 0

Another Milestone!

President John Kazor made a special presentation to member Jay in recognition of $6,000 made to the Rotary Foundation in support of various humanitarian causes internationally.  It's thanks to folks like Jay for making life easier for our neighbors in need around the world.  Thanks, Jay!
Another Milestone! 2019-07-22 05:00:00Z 0

Another Paul Harris Society Member!

LNR President John Kazor presented Gary Lewis with his certificate as a member of the Paul Harris Society and framed all his associated pins as a commemorative.  We appreciate all our society members and congratulate Gary Lewis on this amazing achievement!
Another Paul Harris Society Member! 2019-07-16 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 07-10-2019

Our speaker last Wednesday was Matt Martucci, Public Information Coordinator for the City of Lewisville.  Matt provided an overview of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Texas Pop Festival that was first held in Lewisville during the Labor Day weekend in 1969.  A two-day festival is coming up on Aug. 31 - Sept. 1, 2019 at Lewisville Lake Park to celebrate this incredible event.  Two headliners who played in the original festival are scheduled to play this year: ZZ Top and Chicago. For tickets and more information, go to www.cityoflewisville.com.
Speaker 07-10-2019 2019-07-16 05:00:00Z 0

Yearly Awards!

Outgoing President Melissa DeWitt handed out some end of year awards at her final meeting to preside over the club including a special recognition to John Jennings for his many years of service to our club as our executive secretary.  Congratulations to Kyle Schlabach, Art Locke, and Jim Attrell.
Yearly Awards! 2019-07-08 05:00:00Z 0

A New Paul Harris Fellow!

Our Rotary Foundation Chair, Joe Willard, made some presentations to the club on Wednesday, June 26, 2019, including our newest Paul Harris Fellow, James Kerbow.  In addition, Steve Griffin and Jim Attrell are Paul Harris Fellows in the + category and are Paul Harris Society members.  Well done, gentlemen!
A New Paul Harris Fellow! 2019-07-08 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 06-26-2019

We heard a great presentation from Shala Shamiri on 'The Healing Power of Foods' complete with sample tea bags she provided to some members of the club. Shala's insight into the power of herbs and spices were very enlightening.
Speaker 06-26-2019 2019-07-08 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 6-19-2019

Once again, we had Tom Gionetti with the Institute for Policy Innovation speak to our group at last Wednesday's meeting.  Tom covered another "civics" lesson in discussing the 3 branches of federal government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.  Tom mentioned that it's his belief that the founders of our constitution feared that the judicial branch might eventually become too powerful if the other branches of government fail to maintain their proper check and balance.  Great discussion, Tom!  For more information, visit their website at www.ipi.org.  
Speaker 6-19-2019 2019-06-25 05:00:00Z 0

New Rotary Board 2019-20

Last week was our 'end-of-the-year' banquet at the MCL Grand Theater.  We had a great meal and celebrated the accomplishments of President Melissa DeWitt and her board of directors.  At the same time, we ushered in the new board headed up by John Kazor.  Above, President-elect Kazor introduces his board for the 2019-20 Rotary year.  We look forward to a new year and believe our club will only continue to do bigger and brighter things for our community!
New Rotary Board 2019-20 2019-06-25 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker - Medical Mission to Guatamala

The speaker last week was our very own Leslie Thompson.  Leslie provided a very moving slide show detailing a mission trip to provide necessary medical treatment to over 1,000 needy persons in Guatamala.  Leslie is pictured above with Melissa DeWitt, LNR President.
Speaker - Medical Mission to Guatamala 2019-06-17 05:00:00Z 0
Grant Presentation - Special Abilities of North Texas 2019-06-17 05:00:00Z 0

Grant Presentation - Winning the Fight

LNR presented a check to another great non-profit, 'Winning the Fight' , an organization designed to assist families dealing with drug addiction with loved ones.  Accepting the check is fellow Rotarian Kathy O'Keefe pictured with Melissa DeWitt, LNR President, and Bill Collins.
Grant Presentation - Winning the Fight 2019-06-17 05:00:00Z 0
Grant Presentation 6-05-2019 2019-06-10 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 6-5-2019

We had a very informative speaker at last Wednesday's meeting.  Mr. Keith Martz, a science teacher at Briarhill Middle School.  Mr. Martz provided information on snakes in North Texas and what to do and not do when encountering them.  He brought some very special "guests" to share with us and was assisted by his daughter.  Thank you Mr. Martz!
Speaker 6-5-2019 2019-06-10 05:00:00Z 0

Grant Presentations 6-5-2019

The club made a grant presentation to Communities in Schools of North Texas.  Accepting the award is Ann Pape Wilson, CEO, of CISNT.  Congratulations!
Grant Presentations 6-5-2019 2019-06-10 05:00:00Z 0

Grant to CCA

Another grant presentation made on May 29, 2019 to CCA in the amount of $1,000.  Pictured above from left to right is Melissa DeWitt, LNR President; Stephen Hood, CEO/President of CCA; Deborah Higdon, Director of Fund Development; and Bill Collins, Grant Committee Chairman.
Grant to CCA 2019-06-04 05:00:00Z 0

Grant Presentations 5-29-2019

The club presented another $500 grant to The First Tee of Greater Dallas.  Accepting for First Tee is Katie Harris (pictured above) between Melissa DeWitt, LNR President, and Bill Collins, Grant Chairman.
Grant Presentations 5-29-2019 2019-06-04 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 5-22-2019

Our speaker this past Wednesday was Lori Fickling, President of the Lewisville Chamber of Commerce.  Lori provided a short history on chambers and little about what the Lewisville chamber is doing.  As an added bonus, Lori gave the club an insight on life lessons she has learned including what her passions are: Faith, Family and a love for the work she does as the chamber.  Pictured above from left to right is Melissa DeWitt, LNR President; Lori Fickling, Chamber President/CEO; Corey Koif, Director of Programs and Events; and Lisa Vanatta, Director of Member Relations.
Speaker 5-22-2019 2019-05-23 05:00:00Z 0

Grant Donations 5-15-2019

One of the greatest parts of our Rotary Club is the ability to fulfill grant requests to a number of non-profits in the area.  At Wednesday's meeting, 5-15-2019, the club presented checks to PediPlace (Larry Robins accepting) and LEF (Connie Pelphrey accepting).  Bill Collins chairs the committee who reviews grant requests and arranges for representatives to come to a meeting to receive the donation.  Pictured in the first photo above is Melissa DeWitt, LNR President; Larry Robins, and Bill Collins.  Pictured in the next photo is Melissa DeWitt, LNR President; Connie Pelphrey, and Bill Collins.
Grant Donations 5-15-2019 2019-05-18 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker Guidelines

Guidelines for Speakers to the Lewisville Noon Rotary Club:

1.  The purpose of your presentation is to be educational and informative.

2.  Speakers are not allowed to campaign for any political office.

3.  Speakers may not advertise or promote their business or soliciting business from Rotary members.

4.  Speakers are not allowed to bring items to sell. 

5.  The club reserves the right to reject any potential speaker and/or topics based upon the topic being presented and if their vocation would conflict with vocations in our club.

6.  The club can provide a video projector and screen for the presentation.  A laptop or other media items are the responsibility of the speaker.

7.  Speakers is allowed approximately 20 minutes to present and should end no later than 12:50 p.m. to allow 5 minutes for questions.


Speaker Guidelines 2019-05-18 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 5-15-2019

One of our very own Rotarians was our speaker on Wednesday, 5-15-2019.  Dr. Michelle Martz brought our program discussing her chiropractic and natural wellness practice.  She provided very insightful advice on nutrition and natural wellness methods and techniques prompting great discussion and thought.  Pictured above is Dr. Martz with a staff member and LNR President Melissa DeWitt.
Speaker 5-15-2019 2019-05-18 05:00:00Z 0

May 2019 - Student of the Month

Once again, Dr. Kajs brought us an incredible student of the month in Matthew Jimenez.  Matthew is especially dear to the club as he is the current president of the LHS Interact club.  Pictured above is Melissa DeWitt, LNR President; Dr. Buddy Bonner, LISD Assistant Superintendent; Matthew Jimenez, and Dr. Jeffrey Kajs, LHS Principal.
May 2019 - Student of the Month 2019-05-18 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 5-8-2019 Amira's House

Our speaker on May 8, 2019, was Rene Lackey, CEO of Amira's House, a maternity home for young women expecting a child.  This is a non-profit designed to teach life and parenting skills to young pregnant women in a Christian environment.  For more information, go to www.amirashouse.org.  Pictured above left to right is Leslie Thompson, member; Rene Lackey, CEO of Amira's House; and Melissa DeWitt, LNR President.
Speaker 5-8-2019 Amira's House 2019-05-13 05:00:00Z 0

Planting the Seed of Service!

The Lewisville Noon Rotary chartered a new Interact group on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at the LHS Killough campus.  In a short ceremony, LNR President Melissa DeWitt presented the official charter to the new club along with a banner and their bell.  The ceremony was attended by 19 students, 2 teacher/sponsors and 8 Rotarians.  Who knows what seeds were planted this day in the minds of young students learning about Rotary and its commitment to community.  This Interact club is especially dear to the club's hearts as the school's namesake, Doug Killough, was a member of the Lewisville Noon Rotary Club.  LNR is affiliated with Rotary International with 1.2 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the world.  For more information, go to www.lewisvillenoonrotary.org.
Planting the Seed of Service! 2019-05-13 05:00:00Z 0

E.Y.E.R. Award

Lewisville Noon Rotary received recognition at the District 5790 Conference held on Saturday, April 27, 2019.  Our club was cited as having 100% participation in 'Every Rotarian, Every Year', meaning that we average giving $100 each year per member Rotarian.  It's a great accomplishment and a testament to the leadership efforts by our Rotary Foundation Chairman and President-elect, John Kazor (pictured to the left above).  Melissa DeWitt, LNR President is pictured above presenting the banner to John Kazor.  Well done, John!
E.Y.E.R. Award 2019-05-06 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 5-1-2019

We heard from our very own, Dennis Song, about CDB oil - what it is and what it's not.  Judging by the questions asked at the conclusion of his presentation, there is a huge interest in knowing more about CBD oil and its effect on the body.  Pictured above is Melissa DeWitt, LNR President; Kathy Song (Dennis' wife probably the boss at work AND home) and Mary Hunt, Dennis' store manager.  Thanks for the valuable information!
Speaker 5-1-2019 2019-05-06 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker 4-24-2019

Our very own Dr. Audrey Stansbury gave us a briefing on her amazing trip to Costa Rica to provide necessary dental care to approximately 80 persons over a 3-day period,  This mission was conceived by our sister club, Lewisville Morning Rotary, and their team did some amazing work in the name of Rotary.  Pictured above is Melissa DeWitt, President of Lewisville Noon Rotary, with Dr. Stansbury and she was able to present a club flag from Club Rotario San Pedro Curridabat to our club.  Well done Dr. Stansbury, 'Service Above Self'!
Speaker 4-24-2019 2019-04-29 05:00:00Z 0

Vocational Award

Our Vocational Service Award was presented to Shari Mayes, a teacher and mentor at Lewisville High School.  Ms. Mayes was named Teacher of the Year at LHS and is in the running for Teacher of the Year for LISD.  Pictured above is Melissa DeWitt, Rotary President; Ms. Shari Mayes, Award Winner; and Dr. Jeffrey Kajs, LHS Principal.
Vocational Award 2019-04-22 05:00:00Z 0

Speaker - April 17, 2019

We are thankful that member Ric Tolhurst brought this program on spine surgery to us at last week's meeting.  The presenter explained various points regarding back pain and spinal alignment was of great interest to the club members present.  I know that posture and my particular table improved significantly during his presentation.  Pictured above is Melissa DeWitt, Rotary President; and Dr. Steve Tolhurst, spinal surgeon.
Speaker - April 17, 2019 2019-04-22 05:00:00Z 0

Rotary Clambake!

Rotary Social
Enjoy getting to know your fellow Rotarians and their Spouses!
Food, Fun, Drinks and backyard games on Lake Lewisville.
Russ and Becky Kerbow’s House
2329 Clearview Ct.
Lewisville, TX 75057
Rotary Clambake! 2019-04-10 05:00:00Z 0

Circle of Friends/Grand Ball

On March 27, 2019, Mary Jennings brought our program on the 'Circle of Friends' and the upcoming 'Grand Ball'.  Rotary has participated monetarily and serves supper to students and parents for the past 25 years.  
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Student of the Month - March 2019

We celebrated yet another great student of the month for March in Erin Leal.  Erin is actually ranked #3 in her class of almost 1200 students who will graduate in May.  Pictured from left to right are Mr. and Mrs. Leal (Erin's parents); Melissa DeWitt, Rotary President; Erin Leal; and Dr. Jeffrey Kajs, LHS Principal.
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Service Mission to Costa Rica

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Dental Mission Team to Costa Rica
Thursday, March 7, 2019

Lewisville Morning and Noon Rotarians, joined by local community members, depart for the Tirrases province of San José, Costa Rica to volunteer at a local health fair.
Our own Dr. Audrey Stansbury DDS is part of this team.
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Rotary 4-Way Test Contest

Lewisville Noon Rotary once again held its 4-Way test contest with area youth.  The Rotary 4-Way test of the thing members think, say and do are: 1) Is it the truth? 2) Is it fair to all concerned? 3) Does it build goodwill and friendship? and 4) Is it beneficial to all concerned?  Our contestants are typically speech students from Lewisville High School under the direction of Ms. Sally Squibb.  The competition is typically fierce and this year was no exception in the quality level of talent displayed at our Rotary meeting on Wednesday, February 27, 2019 during the noon lunch hour.  Pictured below are the contestants:
From left to right: Melissa DeWitt, Rotary President; Uk Mang; Bridget Gilmore, Asyah Jiron and Buddy Bonner, Asst. Superindent of LISD and Rotary Club member.  Asyah Jiron was our winner of the contest and is eligible to move on to the District level to compete against other club winners.  Asyah received a $300 cash prize for her efforts.
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2019 Charitable Donations Request Form is Now Available

Posted by William Collins on Nov 06, 2018
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The Lewisville Noon Rotary Club Donations Committee is pleased to announce that the 2019 Charitable Donations Request Form is available for download
The Form is available as a fillable PDF Form and can be submitted by postal mail, email, and fax. Request Forms must be submitted by Wednesday, January 30, 2019 to be considered for donation disbursements in 2019. Form more information, click the Read More button.
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High Noon Shootout Rescheduled!

Posted on Jul 28, 2018
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Due to recent rains, we have reschedule this great event for Friday, November 30, 2018. There is still time to register and participate, whether as a shooting sportsman or a sponsor. Don't miss this event!
This year, marks the 6th Annual High Noon Shootout Sporting Clays Fundraiser, so it's time to get back out and break some clays! Register today!
Join us for an afternoon of shooting sports fun, while helping us raise money for the many worthy local charities we support.

Whether you are an expert, avid, or new shooter, you are guaranteed to have a great time! Read more about the event or click below to go straight to the registration site!
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