Denton County has an urgent need the week of Feb 7, 2021 for volunteers to help the county health department run the vaccination hubs at the Texas Motor Speedway this week and assure residents registered through the health department portal have the opportunity to be vaccinated quickly, efficiently and safely.
To communicate all that is planned with this effort, we have created a webpage to keep our members up-to-date and allow members, family and friends to schedule themselves to volunteer in this community wide effort.
This webpage has been updated for the week of Feb 7, 2021 to reflect schedule updates done by the Denton County Health Department. Please note, in addition to the 5 job descriptions listed, we have an area specific for those that are medical (LVN, RN, MD, NP, PA, etc…) to sign up to help medically at the POD. If they are filled you are able to still help us by signing up as a regular volunteer as well. 
Our 13 Rotary clubs "END COVID in Denton County" steering committee endeavors  to identify volunteer opportunities for all our members regardless of time and physical limitations. The webpage updates will reflect the these opportunities as they are defined. Contact your clubs END COVID representative with ideas and questions.
Sent on behalf of Denton County Judge Andy Eads, PDG Gerald Robinson, and the Denton County Rotary Clubs END COVID Steering Committee.